wayland/actor-surface: Intersect input/opaque region with surface region

Update for the record: this needs !206 (merged) as it broke some cases with HIDPI

As per specification

The compositor ignores the parts of the opaque region that fall outside of the surface

This fixes culling problems under certain conditions. One example is the gstreamer wayland demo: https://github.com/swt2c/gst-wayland-gtk-demo (standalone) / https://cgit.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad/tree/tests/examples/waylandsink (official)

Requires !141 (merged) and is required for !149 (closed) and #132 (closed) / !121 (closed)

Before (current git master): Screenshot_from_2018-08-18_15-00-25

After: Screenshot_from_2018-08-18_14-58-38

Edited by Robert Mader

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