Implement viewports and transforms

Closed in favour of !322 (merged) and !323 (merged)

This is an implementation of wp_viewporter and transforms

It's based on old patches by Jasper St. Pierre and the weston implementation.

In can be tested with:

  • westons weston-scaler [-b|-d|-s|-n]
  • weston-simple-damage --transform=[normal|90|180|270|flipped|flipped-90|...] --rotating-transform --use-viewporter [--use-damage-buffer] --scale=[1|2|3|...]
  • the gstreamer gtk-wayland demo (

Implements: #132 (closed)

Screenshot_from_2018-09-01_23-28-54 weston-scaler [-b,-d,-s,-n], weston-simple-damage --use-viewporter --scale=3 and the gstreamer wayland demo

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