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  • v2.3.1   v2.3.1
    17dca012 · Gcolor3 v2.3.1 ·
    Release v2.3.1

    Gcolor3 has moved to GNOME's GitLab!

    Release notes

    • Gcolor3 now builds with Clang (#107)
    • Gcolor3 now builds on FreeBSD (#108)
    • In the saved colors page, the whole page now scrolls. This is more in-line with the rest of GNOME.
    • Screenshots in the AppData now point to a correct URL.
  • v2.3   v2.3
    84b21e4f · Gcolor3 v2.3 ·
    Release v2.3

    I have a blog post discussing the release, the plans with Wayland and future work: http://hjdskes.nl/blog/gcolor3-2.3/

    Release notes:

    • Fix AppData for inclusion in Fedora, Flatpak (#60)
    • Import deprecated GtkColorSelection and GtkHSV (#67)
    • Fix crashing GNOME Shell on Wayland (#67)
    • Package Gcolor3 as Flatpak (#72)
    • Port Gcolor3 to the Meson build system (#83)
      • This removes a dependency on intltool.
    • Gcolor3ColorStore: mention that warnings are harmless on first run (#84)
    • Fix CTRL-C and other keyboard shortcuts (#64)
    • Redesigned saved color page (#92)
    • Redesigned header bar (#92)
    • Add a GtkShortcutswindow (#93)
      • This bumps the required version of GTK+ 3 to 3.20.
    • Add a manual page (#99)
    • Publish Gcolor3 on Flathub (#87)
    • There is now a PPA to install Gcolor3 on Ubuntu (#21)
    • New translations: Norwegian Bokmål, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish
    • Updated translations: Dutch, British English, German, Serbian
    • Removed outdated translations (from build): French, Galician, Greek, Indonesian, Norwegian Bokmål, Spanish, Swedish, Ukranian
  • v2.2   v2.2
    Release v2.2
    • Use resource files to define the UI (3d1a0703).
    • Use Gcolor3ColorStore to centrally manage colors between several running instances (1ee4d5fa).
    • Follow the XDG directory specification (d91dd061). This means that the configuration file has moved from ~/.rgb.ini to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gcolor3/config.ini.
    • Copy the selected color's hex value from the tree view using Ctrl-C (068b308a).
    • Make the main window resizable (772b33b5).
    • Use an AppData file to describe Gcolor3 to GNOME Software and the like (8bbdda82).
    • Improvements to the build configuration.
    • Various small fixes and cleanups.
    • Updated translations:
      New: Ukrainian, Galician
      Updated: Dutch, British English, French, German, Serbian, Swedish and Ukrainian.
      Removed from build (outdated, left in source tree): Galician, Greek
  • v2.1   Version 2.1
    010323f0 · Release version 2.1 ·
    Release v2.1

    This releases fixes an important issue, renames palette to picker and Gcolor3 now outputs the last selected color's hex to stdout.

    Gcolor3 is now also packaged for Fedora: https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/fnux/GColor3/

  • v2.0   Version 2.0
    2efa97d8 · Update Gcolor3 screenshot ·
    Release v2.0

    An almost complete rewrite, with a much better architecture. The featureset is identical, except for that Gcolor3 now uses an ini-style file to save colors. Please see all commits between this tag and the previous for an elaborate changelog.

  • v1.2.1
    6410ea09 · update changelog ·
    Release v1.2.1

    Use buttons with images Remove title and subtitle from headerbar Use client side decorations

  • v1.2
    Release v1.2

    Gcolor3 based on GTK 3.10 with a GtkHeaderbar and a GtkStack

  • v1.0   Version 1.0
    803bcc4a · fix ugly fonts ·