I have a blog post discussing the release, the plans with Wayland and future work: http://hjdskes.nl/blog/gcolor3-2.3/

Release notes:

  • Fix AppData for inclusion in Fedora, Flatpak (#60)
  • Import deprecated GtkColorSelection and GtkHSV (#67)
  • Fix crashing GNOME Shell on Wayland (#67)
  • Package Gcolor3 as Flatpak (#72)
  • Port Gcolor3 to the Meson build system (#83)
    • This removes a dependency on intltool.
  • Gcolor3ColorStore: mention that warnings are harmless on first run (#84)
  • Fix CTRL-C and other keyboard shortcuts (#64)
  • Redesigned saved color page (#92)
  • Redesigned header bar (#92)
  • Add a GtkShortcutswindow (#93)
    • This bumps the required version of GTK+ 3 to 3.20.
  • Add a manual page (#99)
  • Publish Gcolor3 on Flathub (#87)
  • There is now a PPA to install Gcolor3 on Ubuntu (#21)
  • New translations: Norwegian Bokmål, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish
  • Updated translations: Dutch, British English, German, Serbian
  • Removed outdated translations (from build): French, Galician, Greek, Indonesian, Norwegian Bokmål, Spanish, Swedish, Ukranian