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Draft: Use appstream metainfo to filter applications too

Guido Günther requested to merge guidog/phosh:metainfo into main

This is a replacement for !858 (closed) . Using a new MR since the old one's branch is in the blessed repo due to the migration.


  • Don't filter before metainfo cache is up to date
  • keep cache up to date on app add/removal (ideally fixed in appstream: see
  • make sure flatpak system / user metainfo gets added (see
  • cache successful lookups to avoid rechecking the data (this is pretty fast but would make sense if we cache the lookups for desktop file information as well)
  • bump dependency to appstream 0.14.8 once released since we require that for the cache code

Closes: #611 (closed), #672

Edited by Guido Günther

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