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Welcome to the Engagement Team!


The Engagement Team helps GNOME thrive by facilitating communication between users, contributors, partners, and anyone else who might be interested in the GNOME project. If you're interested in promoting free software or helping to improve the GNOME community in any way, you've found the right team to join.

We use GitLab (this website), to track requests from the community and plan our initiatives. If you need help learning how to use GitLab, check out our documentation resources here. Newcomers are always welcome!

How do I get involved

The best way to get involved is to join the Engagement Matrix Channel. You can also join one of our monthly meetings.

In addition, you can also contact the coordinator for each of our main areas of work:

How to request help from the Engagement Team

We have created various project boards on GitLab to help you seek help. Here is a brief description of each of the main boards you may wish to visit:

  • Events: Plan large-scale GNOME event details and logistics (GUADEC, GNOME.Asia).
  • Event Sponsorship Requests: Request support, funding, and SWAG for your event, release party, or local team.
  • Social Media and News: Get help developing articles or posts, request promotion of GNOME-related items, coordinate official GNOME channels.
  • Engagement Assets: Access all of the files, images, or other assets used by the Engagement Team.
  • General: You are currently seeing the General Engagement board. We use this board to plan our team initiatives.

For more detailed descriptions, view the details section of each of the above boards.

How should I use this General Engagement board?

Use this board to:

  1. See which initiatives the Engagement Team is working on and start participating
  2. Propose new initiatives for the Engagement Team
  3. Request general marketing support

Do not use this board to:

  1. File bugs for GNOME software
  2. Propose technical initiatives

Note: Whenever possible, please use labels when you create a new issue. This will help get your request in front of the right people more quickly!