Event Sponsorship Requests

Request funding, support, or SWAG (Stuff We All Get) for release parties, events you'll be participating in, or local groups.

When should I use the Event Sponsorship Request board?

Use this board to request assistance with your event, release party, local group, or SWAG (GNOME-branded promotional items). As of now, we only offer GNOME stickers and have templates for brochures and flyers that you can print out on your own.

Use this board to request a budget for:

  1. Release party funding
  2. Stickers for your local event or group
  3. Promotional flyers or handouts for a conference

Do not use this board for:

  1. To request new promotion items. For those requests, please file an issue on the General Engagement board

For more information on where to request what you need, click here.