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Shell: add spatial overview variation

Peter Eisenmann requested to merge (removed):master into master

This adds a variation of the current spatial shell overview mockup. The changes are:

  1. Search on bottom, favorite bar on top
  2. Search results slide in from bottom instead of overlay
  3. Arrow for displaying app grid instead of view-app-grid-symbolic

The reasoning behind these proposed changes are:

  1. Favorites closer to the top bar means less mouse travel distance.
    • Search does not need to be reached by mouse.
    • Eases making of mental connection to just type by search being closer to keyboard.
  2. Prevents readability issues, which can happen with overlays.
    • Also, less clutter on screen.
  3. Capitalizes on the new spatial arrangement by not relying on the grid metaphor.
    • Increases symmetry.

@aday @bertob (I hope it is ok if I directly tag you, if not please let me know for future reference.)

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