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main: use GtkBin as base instead HdyHeaderBar

Krifa75 requested to merge Krifa75/totem:header-gtk-bin into master

So, these days I had less time than usual so I couldn't do what I had in mind like discussed in #553 (closed).

Honestly, if you allow me, I don't like very much the current solution. It bothers me a little.
But I didn't find another solution so if you have some suggestion... 👍

(last attempt) The current UI is roughly like :

  • Flap
    • Toolbar (player + grilo)
    • Stack (player + grilo)

What I wanted to do :

  • Stack
    • Flap
      • Player toolbar
      • Player widget
    • Grilo (grilo is a GtkBox)
      • Grilo toolbar
      • Grilo widget

Each views handle their own toolbar.
But I always have difficult to anticipate so I don't know if what i had planned was going to do more good than harm.


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