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Refactor out final uses of blocking dialogs

Matt Jakeman requested to merge firox263/nautilus:1992-refactor-dialogs into master

Replaces gtk_dialog_run() with equivalent non-blocking behaviour for the following files:

  • eel-stock-dialogs
  • nautilus-location-entry
  • nautilus-file-operations
  • nautilus-mime-actions
    • Partially complete, need to refactor activate_files

Opening now to get some feedback since the changes are more involved.

There is a bug with location-entry where the dialog is displayed twice, however this is also present in master.

I'm not sure how to go about porting mime-actions->activate_files(). I can think of either:

  • breaking it up into methods which are chained together, or
  • making the entire thing async and invoking a dialog on the main thread as we can then block on it.

Part of #1992 (closed)

Edited by Matt Jakeman

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