Prioritized Labels

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Other Labels

  • 5. Performance
    Human-perceptible delays in response time to user actions
  • 8. Accessibility
    Relates to accessibility and accessibility technologies
  • 8. Developer Docs
    Relates to developer documentation
  • 8. Translation
    Relates to translations into different languages
  • 8. User Docs
    Relates to user documentation
  • 9. Engagement Material
    Use this label for bring engagement team attention and possibly do PR or call for action around a feature, fix or work. Newcomers fixes are also a good fit.
  • 9. GSoC
  • 9. High visibility
    Features, fixes and changes that have high user visibility or impact. Intended for tracking and communication with engagement team, users, etc.
  • 9. Initiative: AdaptiveGTK
  • 9. Initiative: AppIconRedesign
  • 9. Initiative: App Metadata
  • 9. Initiative: Avatar Consistency
  • 9. Initiative: Dark Style Preference
  • 9. Initiative: Legacy app branding
  • 9. Initiative: Migrate our mailing lists to our Discourse instance
  • 9. Initiative: Mobile apps
    Effort to support mobile for factors
  • 9. Initiative: NightlyAppIcons
  • 9. Initiative: Platform Profiling
  • 9. Initiative: Port to GTK4
  • 9. Initiative: Sandbox all the WebKit!