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x11: Remove last_wmspec_check_time

A G requested to merge oreo639/gtk:fixwmhints into main

In fetch_net_wm_check_window(), before updating the wmspec_check_window, a check is performed to verify a 15s difference between last_wmspec_check_time and the current monotonic time.

The comment suggests that this check is done to ensure that it doesn't check for a new check window repeatedly over and over again. While that was the case origionally, currently the last_wmspec_check_time only gets updated when wmspec_check_window is set, which is already checked earlier, making the time check useless.

This check causes issues on cold boots where gtk4 applications are not able to obtain the wmspec_check_window until 15 seconds after boot, making gtk unable to check for extended wm_hints during that time.

Fixes: #6558 (closed)

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