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WIP: Use SDK integrated rust-analyzer binary instead of the host one

This MR uses the rust-analyzer language server which is already included in the Flatpak Rust SDK extenstion. It doesn't much make sense anymore to rely on the host-side language server, since it has following disadvantages:

  • Builder only downloads the binary, but won't apply updates to it
  • Uses host-side dependencies, and not the Flatpak ones, which results in a not working language server when not all dependencies are installed on host side.

Because of those reasons I also removed the downloader code, since IMHO it's better to make use of the Flatpak rust-analzyer which is going to be more reliable and gets automatically updated with new Rust SDKs.

This also leads to the question if it makes sense to keep the rls / rustup plugin integrated in Builder, since we have everything properly in our Flatpak SDK now (rls got replaced by rust-analyzer, and in theory we won't need rustup anymore to install stuff on host side).

Closes #1378 (closed)

Edited by Felix Häcker

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