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WIP: Pinebook PRO

Valentin David requested to merge valentindavid/pinebook-pro into master

Fixes #255

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Remaining issues without merge requests

  • Some firmware are missing in master. I do not have license information yet.


  • Sound does not work correctly. Wrong configuration in the device tree probably. This branch provide alsa utils that can be used to tweak the mixer to make the sound work.

  • Suspend does not work (crash). It has been disabled for that reason.

  • SD card reader is very unstable. Use eMMC.

  • Bluetooth works. But LE did not seem to work.

  • U-Boot does not display anything. So console access should be done through serial port. Also it does not seem to be possible to interact with systemd boot from serial port.

Needs tests

  • dp/hdmi over usb-c
  • charging over usb-c
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