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    gio/gunixmounts.c: Don't use mtime to monitor mounts on /proc/ · c1a31c3a
    Nelson Benítez León authored
    Fix get_mounts_timestamp() to not use a stat'ed mtime for /proc/ files.
    Instead, use mount_poller_time if /proc/ watch is running, or otherwise
    return a new generated timestamp to always assume mounts-changed, which
    is safer than previous behaviour of always assuming mounts-not-changed
    (as mtime never changes for /proc/ files when queried from the same
    We say it's safer because allows caches depending on:
    to drop possibly outdated/duplicated values, as that was the case for the
    GIO mounts cache used in gio/glocalfile.c which provides mount info for
    g_file_query_filesystem_info() call, as described in below referenced bug.
    This fix complements related commit bd9e266e
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