Commit bd9e266e authored by Ondrej Holy's avatar Ondrej Holy
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gunixmounts: Fix /proc/self/mountinfo monitoring

/proc/self/mountinfo is used to monitor changes of mounts with libmount.
However, GFileMonitor is used currently to monitor this file, which
doesn't work and consequently "changed" signal is never emitted. Special
monitoring needs to be used instead, same as it is used for /proc/mounts.
parent 7485abe4
......@@ -1637,17 +1637,17 @@ mount_monitor_start (void)
const gchar *mtab_path;
mtab_path = get_mtab_monitor_file ();
/* /proc/mounts monitoring is special - can't just use GFileMonitor.
/* Monitoring files in /proc/ is special - can't just use GFileMonitor.
* See 'man proc' for more details.
if (g_strcmp0 (mtab_path, "/proc/mounts") == 0)
if (g_str_has_prefix (mtab_path, "/proc/"))
GIOChannel *proc_mounts_channel;
GError *error = NULL;
proc_mounts_channel = g_io_channel_new_file ("/proc/mounts", "r", &error);
proc_mounts_channel = g_io_channel_new_file (mtab_path, "r", &error);
if (proc_mounts_channel == NULL)
g_warning ("Error creating IO channel for /proc/mounts: %s (%s, %d)",
g_warning ("Error creating IO channel for %s: %s (%s, %d)", mtab_path,
error->message, g_quark_to_string (error->domain), error->code);
g_error_free (error);
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