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    Sensitize/desensitize audio cd rows based on their rip state · 4045c599
    Aaron Bockover authored
    2006-03-20  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
        * src/PlaylistView.cs: Sensitize/desensitize audio cd rows based on
        their rip state
        * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCdRipper.cs: Update newly ripped track with
        its ripped URI so it can be played while the rest of the disk is
        * src/Banshee.Base/Library.cs: Removed unused function
        * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Do not attempt to play track
        if it is explicitly marked as being unable to play; reversed order of
        Reset/Close in Close wrapper
        * src/Banshee.Base/TrackInfo.cs: Mark CanPlay as virtual
        * src/Banshee.Base/TrackInfoHeader.cs (SetIdle): Hide the box
        * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCd/AudioCdDisk.cs: Added an IsRipping property
        * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCd/AudioCdTrackInfo.cs: Added Disk, IsRipped, and
        CanPlay properties
        * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/AudioCdSource.cs: If current playing track
        in the engine is from the CD, shut down the engine; set disk.IsRipping
        * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/LibrarySource.cs: Removed old cruft
        * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixRemotePlayerEngine.cs: Updated
        to reflect minor changes in the Buffering API in PlayerEngine
        * src/Banshee.Plugins/NotificationAreaIcon/NotificationAreaIconPlugin.cs:
        Guard against a potential nullref
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