1. 20 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      Sensitize/desensitize audio cd rows based on their rip state · 4045c599
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-20  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          * src/PlaylistView.cs: Sensitize/desensitize audio cd rows based on
          their rip state
          * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCdRipper.cs: Update newly ripped track with
          its ripped URI so it can be played while the rest of the disk is
          * src/Banshee.Base/Library.cs: Removed unused function
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Do not attempt to play track
          if it is explicitly marked as being unable to play; reversed order of
          Reset/Close in Close wrapper
          * src/Banshee.Base/TrackInfo.cs: Mark CanPlay as virtual
          * src/Banshee.Base/TrackInfoHeader.cs (SetIdle): Hide the box
          * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCd/AudioCdDisk.cs: Added an IsRipping property
          * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCd/AudioCdTrackInfo.cs: Added Disk, IsRipped, and
          CanPlay properties
          * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/AudioCdSource.cs: If current playing track
          in the engine is from the CD, shut down the engine; set disk.IsRipping
          * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/LibrarySource.cs: Removed old cruft
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixRemotePlayerEngine.cs: Updated
          to reflect minor changes in the Buffering API in PlayerEngine
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/NotificationAreaIcon/NotificationAreaIconPlugin.cs:
          Guard against a potential nullref
  2. 19 Mar, 2006 1 commit
  3. 15 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      Patches by Sebastian Dröge: · 945fc3df
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-15  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          Patches by Sebastian Dröge:
          * *Makefile.am: Don't remove Makefile.in and other files generated
          by autogen.sh on distclean. Move these files to MAINTAINERCLEANFILES.
          This makes banshee buildable after a distclean.
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/NotificationAreaIcon/NotificationAreaIconPlugin.cs:
          Show the TrackInfoPopup only after 500ms when the mouse cursor is still
          over the Notification Area Icon and let it disappear on EndOfStream when
          we don't play anything else after 250 ms.
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/NotificationAreaIcon/Makefile.am:
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/NotificationAreaIcon/banshee-notificationareaicon.schemas.in:
          Rename the missed instances of tray icon to notification area icon.
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/CoverArtThumbnail.cs: Delay showing the popup
          for 500ms
  4. 13 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      New NotificationAreaIcon plugin by Sebastian Dröge: · 2b0492f9
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-13  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          New NotificationAreaIcon plugin by Sebastian Dröge:
          * banshee.mdp: Updated MonoDevelop project
          * configure.ac: Added NotificationAreaIcon stuff for new plugin
          * data/UIManagerLayout.xml: Removed the tray icon menu
          * data/banshee.schemas.in: Removed tray icon schema entries
          * src/Makefile.am: Removed NotificationAreaIcon.cs
          * src/NotificationAreaIcon.cs: Removed
          * src/Banshee.Base/ActionManager.cs:
          * src/PlayerInterface.cs: Removed tray-specific code
          * src/Banshee.Base/Globals.cs: Added property to get handle to main window
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/Makefile.am: Added NotificationAreaIcon to SUBDIRS
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/Makefile.am: Removed NotificationAreaIcon.cs
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/NotificationAreaIcon.cs: Removed
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/NotificationAreaIcon/: Moved all the old tray
          icon code into new NotificationAreaIcon plugin