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    fileinfo: make UNIX_IS_MOUNTPOINT be TRUE for / · 0c5f0842
    Will Thompson authored
    The previously implementation considered a file to be a mountpoint if
    its parent is on a different device. / is its own parent, so by this
    definition it is not a mountpoint.
    But / is (generally) listed in fstab, and fstab(5) defines the
    directories it contains to be mountpoints. This attribute should follow
    that definition (and reasonable expectation): the root directory is a
    So, add a special-case for the case where the file's parent has the same
    st_dev and st_ino as the file, which is true only at the root.
    Test this attribute at / (only on POSIX), /proc (but only on Linux), and
    at many files and directories created by the test suite (which cannot be
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