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    GFile: Add g_file_peek_path() · 4808a957
    Colin Walters authored
    This is a variant of g_file_get_path() which returns a const string to
    the caller, rather than transferring ownership.
    I've been carrying `gs_file_get_path_cached()` in libgsystem and it
    has seen a lot of use in the ostree and flatpak codebases.  There are
    probably others too.
    I think language bindings like Python/Gjs could also use this to avoid
    an extra malloc (i.e. we could transparently replace
    `g_file_get_path()` with `g_file_peek_path()`.
    (Originally by Colin Walters. Tweaked by Philip Withnall to update to
    2.56, change the function name and drop the locking.)
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