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    renamed configure.in -> configure.ac · 6cc7d369
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
    2007-01-17  Tristan Van Berkom <tvb@gnome.org>
    	* autogen.sh: renamed configure.in -> configure.ac
    2007-01-07  Vincent Geddes <vincent.geddes@gmail.com>
            * configure.in: Quote some macro arguments. Use AS_HELP_STRING
    	  to format the messages for AC_ARG_ENABLE macros. Other cleanups
    	  and updates.
    	* src/glade-editor-property.c: Modified some dialogs for HIG
    	  compliance. Mostly about adjusting border widths and spacings,
    	  and setting mnemonics. Title for "Edit Text Property" dialog
    	  is now a simpler "Edit Text". Title for "Select Flags" dialog
    	  is also now a more descriptive "Select Events".
    	* src/glade-project-window.c: Set URL for online help to
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=1044
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