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    Fixed adjustments when values are null in libglade mode · 3e54b226
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
    	* gladeui/glade-editor-property.c: Fixed adjustments when values are null in
    	libglade mode
    	* plugins/gtk+/gtk+.xml.in: Reorganized groups, added some more metadatas
    	* plugins/gtk+/glade-convert.c: 
    	  - Convert "text" property of TextView to a textbuffer and text property 
    	    in builder format.
    	  - Convert "tooltip" <--> "tooltip-text"
    	* gladeui/glade-popup.c, gladeui/glade-inspector.c: enhanced menu for 
    	inspector empty spots (paste toplevels)
    	* gladeui/glade-editor-property.c: Adjustments in libglade had bugs, hardcoded
    	default values here and made sure object is NULL on default.
    	* gladeui/glade-widget.[ch]: Removed glade_widget_project_notify()
    	* gladeui/glade-command.c: 
    	  - glade_command_remove() implicitly makes commands to unset any properties 
    	    reffering to the object being removed from the project.
    	  - project conversions now cleanup unsupported widgets/properties
    	* gladeui/glade-palette.c, gladeui/glade-app.c: Moved toplevel widget creation
    	code from gladeapp to gladepalette.
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