GdkPixbuf 2.37.0 (development release)

 - Rework relocation support for loaders cache on Windows [Christoph Reiter, #776081]
 - Properly install test data [Emmanuele Bassi, Jeremy Bicha, #795527, #795210]
 - Plug a memory leak when using GBytes [Vitaly Kirsanov, #787626]
 - Fix introspection annotations [Iñaki García Etxebarria, #789935]
 - Fix documentation building with X11 disabled [Quentin Glidic, #794872]
 - Drop Autotools build and move to Meson [Emmanuele Bassi]
 - Fix OOB error when dithering [Bert Pauline, #748211]
 - Drop the MMX assembly optimizations for pixops [Emmanuele Bassi]
 - Improve compatibility for the post-install script [Brendan L, #795705]
 - Expose the dimensions of the original image from GdkPixbufLoader [Debarshi Ray, #778517]
 - Improve thumbnailer implementation [Debarshi Ray, #778517]
 - Make X11 a dependency if the `x11` build option is enabled [Emmanuele Bassi, #77]
 - Generate separate introspection data for GdkPixdata API [Emmanuele Bassi, #72]
 - Deprecate GDK_INTERP_HYPER [Emmanuele Bassi, #3]
 - Avoid a deprecation warning with recent libjasper [Emmanuele Bassi, #73]
 - Fix build on macOS [Emmanuele Bassi, !5]
 - Fix build with Visual Studio [Chun-wei Fan, !8]
 - Fix cross-compilation of Windows build on Linux [Benjamin Gilbert, !10]
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