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  • 2.91.91
    6e5f757f · Release version 2.91.91 ·
    Release version 2.91.91
     * Fix the certificate details expander when used with GTK+3
     * Calculate the minimum/natural size of the certificate widget better.
     * Fix gnome-keyring-prompt for GTK+3 release.
     * Fix problems with the URIs used for trust lookup and storage.
     * Pass around a content-type for secrets in the DBus Secret Service API.
     * If DBus couldn't be initialized when starting up the daemon, try
       again at a later point.
     * Build and testing fixes.
     * Remove support for the pkcs11-options file, and wait for a proper
       configuration file setup being worked on in p11-kit.
     * Add support for --version argument to gnome-keyring-daemon and
     * Create necessary directory when storing trust assertion objects.
  • 2.91.4
    df37c82c · Release 2.91.4 ·
    Changes in version 2.91.4 are:
     * gck library loads PKCS#11 modules from /usr/lib/pkcs11
     * PKCS#11 config file in /etc/xdg/pkcs11.conf[.defaults]
     * Many ASN.1 encoding fixes.
     * Refactor how tests work.
     * Install standalone PKCS#11 modules to a consistent location.
     * Memory leaks and other bug fixes.
     * Allow enumeration of objects in specific PKCS#11 slots as well
       as modules.
     * Add GcrCertificateChain for building certificate chains.
     * Implementation of the initial PKCS#11 Trust Assertions spec.
     * Add GcrPkcs11Certificate for looking up certificates in PKCS#11
       modules by issuer.
     * Expose gcr functionality for setting which PKCS#11 modules to use.
     * Find the root certificates by default.
     * Move to a single header model for libgcr.
     * Don't load *.la files when looking for PKCS#11 modules.
     * Fixes for GTK+3.0
     * New xdg-store PKCS#11 module with support for storing trust
     * Rename old user-store to gnome2-store since it stores its data
       in old formats in the old .gnome2 location.
  • 2.91.3
    91a0f972 · Release version 2.91.3 ·
    Changes in version 2.91.3 are:
     * Shutdown module timer when holding proper mutex.
     * Linux capabilities to overcome limits on locked memory.
     * Update HACKING with coding style
     * Build fixes.
  • 2.91.2
    b774ad06 · Release version 2.91.2 ·
    Changes in version 2.91.2 are:
     * Add timeout if PAM startup doesn't complete shortly.
     * Fix login keyring password when it doesn't match unix login.
     * Replace gp11-0 with gck in pkgconfig file
     * Fix broken dispose of GcrCertificateWidget
     * Remove gp11 library.
  • 2.32.1
    ab80d913 · Release version 2.32.1 ·
    Changes in version 2.32.1 are:
     * Don't offer to save password for symmetric encryption in gpg-agent.
     * Don't try to cache password when symmetric encryption in gpg-agent.
     * Check that daemon is initialized before changing password from pam.
     * Fix login keyring password doesn't match login.
     * Link correctly to gio.
     * Add extra debug guard around printing of prompt io.
     * Fix invalid memory access in rpc-layer.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_91_1
    3712f372 · Bump version number ·
    Release version 2.91.1
     * Fix build problem in gpg-agent.
     * Properly distribute pkgconfig file for gck library.
     * Better certificate widget in gcr library.
     * Add extra debug guard around printing of prompt io.
     * Rework how the gcr parser and importer work together.
     * More GTK+ 3.0 fixes.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_91_0
    1c54c699 · Bump version number ·
    Release version 2.91.0
     * String and punctuation fixes.
     * Add libgck library to soon replace libgp11
     * Migrate everything in gnome-keyring to libgp11
     * Fix invalid memory access in PKCS#11 rpc-layer
     * Fix race condition in tests
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_32_0
    8eb00520 · Bump version number ·
    Release version 2.32.0
     * Make bulids silent by default.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_31_92
    10cfc8e7 · Release version 2.31.92 ·
    Changes in version 2.31.92 are:
     * Require glib 2.25 or later.
     * Require automake 1.7 or later.
     * Fix assertion in secure memory code.
     * Don't go into endless loop when GPG Agent client disconnects.
     * Fix double free in gp11 library.
     * Fix crash during keyring unlock operation.
     * Expand prompt details when a non-default unlock option is chosen.
     * Migrate to gsettings.
     * Use gsettings for GPG agent unlock options.
     * Fix library header installation directory for libgcr.
     * Fix some errors parsing certificates.
     * Rework how unlock options are loaded and handled.
     * Fix saving of auto-unlock passwords.
     * Support building with GTK+ 3.0
     * No warning message when SSH unlock prompt is cancelled.
     * Build fix finding PAM headers.
     * Build fix of PAM module for Hurd.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_31_91
    357bf1d2 · Release version 2.31.91 ·
    Release version 2.31.91
     * Fix problem with keyring names that contain foreign charaters.
     * Build fixes and warning fixes.
     * Better GPG Agent prompt strings.
     * More internal documentation.
     * Remove gconf as part of migration to gsettings.
     * Add --replace option to daemon.
     * Fix race condition in tests.
     * Use new DER decoding and encoding routines.
     * Only try to authenticate once if PKCS#11 slot has
       protected auth path.
     * Better handling of when PKCS#11 token is write protected.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_31_4
    Release version 2.31.4
     * New GPG Agent built into gnome-keyring-daemon
     * Start building (but not using) new DER parser and writer.
     * Fix building of desktop and service files.
     * Fix problems displaying prompts with certain characters in strings.
     * Fix deadlock on secure memory usage.
     * Refactor the way prompting works for PKCS#11 components.
     * Refactor the way testing works and files are named.
     * Implement coverage testing.
     * Cleanup whitespace issues and rename certain modules.
     * Tests can now involve prompts and responses.
     * Fix possible threading race condition in gp11.
     * Fix broken startup when used with gdm and password-less login.
     * Fix checking of uninitialized value in prompting code.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_30_3
    Release version 2.30.3
     * Fix deadlock that we inadvertently created in 2.30.2
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_30_2
    Release version 2.30.2
        * Fix possible race condition in gp11 library.
        * Use proper locking for secure memory in daemon.
        * Fix broken startup when used with gdm and password-less login.
        * Fix checking of uninitialized value in prompting code.
        * Make sure the service files are created correctly
        * Add dbus activation service file for org.freedesktop.secrets
        * Fix building of desktop and service files.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_30_1
    c7b0b605 · Release version 2.30.1 ·
    Release version 2.30.1
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_30_0
    8821e18c · [release] 2.30.0 ·
    Tagged for release 2.30.0.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_29_92
    Tagged for release 2.29.92.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_29_90
    d4be1e74 · Release version 2.29.90 ·
    Release version 2.29.90
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_29_5
    d10c4e42 · Release version 2.29.5 ·
    Release version 2.29.5
        * Implement lookup collection passwords in login keyring.
        * Various prompting fixes.
        * Store PKCS#11 objects after any attribute change.
        * Add 'Type' property to Secret Service API DBus item interface
        * Various warning, and uninitialized memory fixes.
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_29_4
    3a4608ec · Release version 2.29.4 ·
    Release 2.29.4
  • GNOME_KEYRING_2_28_2
    ceb19792 · Release version 2.28.2 ·
    Release version 2.28.2:
        * Add license to reference documentation.
        * Sent output of g_printerr to syslog.
        * No error when can't unlock login keyring.
        * Fix assertion when comparing attributes.
        * Fix freeing of unallocated memory in test.
        * Don't barf on certificates with unsupported algorithm.
        * Fix some memory leaks.