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  • Brooke Vibber (WMF)'s avatar
    Move the screenshot sound effects to gnome-shell · 74e0c35f
    Brooke Vibber (WMF) authored and Alice Mikhaylenko's avatar Alice Mikhaylenko committed
    Companion patches:
    * gnome-shell gnome-shell!1658
    * g-s-d gnome-settings-daemon!223
    Since it can take some time to compress a PNG image,
    at very high resolutions there was a noticeable delay
    before the audiovisual feedback on screenshots.
    To keep from complicating the interface for the shell screenshot
    service, moving the sound effects into the service (which already
    did the visual effects) so it can trigger them after capture and
    before compression.
    Note this removes the canberra dependency for gnome-screenshot.