Version 1.51.2

- Version 1.51.1 was skipped.

- The home of GJS is now at GNOME's GitLab instance:
  From now on we'll be taking GitLab merge requests instead of Bugzilla
  patches. If you want to report a bug, please report it at GitLab.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * Allow throwing GErrors from JS virtual functions [#682701, Giovanni
  * [RFC] bootstrap system [#777724, Jasper St. Pierre, Philip Chimento]
  * Fix code coverage (and refactor it to take advantage of mozjs52 features)
    [#788166, !1, !3, Philip Chimento]
  * Various maintenance [!2, Philip Chimento]
  * Get GitLab CI working and various improvements [#6, !7, !9, !11, !13,
    Claudio André]
  * Add build status badge to README [!8, Claudio André]
  * Use Docker images for CI [!12, Claudio André]

- Some changes in progress to improve garbage collection when signals are
  disconnected. See bug #679688 for more information [Giovanni Campagna]
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