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    ToolShell: Add ellipsize, text-orientation, text-alignment and size-group. · dad6e734
    Murray Cumming authored
    	* gtk/gtktoolshell.c: Added vfuncs to get/set ellipsize, text-orientation,
    	text-alignment and size-group plus getter/setters to invoke these vfuncs.
    	* gtk/gtktoolitem.[h|c]: Added getters and setters to get/set these from the
    	parent GtkToolShell. This is in the style of the existing "properties".
    	* gtk/gtktoolbutton.c: Updated to use the extra properties.
    	* docs/reference/gtk/gtk-sections.txt
    	* gtk/gtk.symbols: Updated to mention the new functions.
    	These new "properties" are used by GtkToolPalette.
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