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    Notebook: Don’t show raw underline/markup in popup · 7fd9f2d3
    Daniel Boles authored
    If @menu_label == NULL, we create a default page->menu_label. This took
    @tab_label.get_label() and passed that to page->menu_label.set_text().
    This is wrong because we set the plain text of the menu_label from the
    rich text of @tab_label. So, if @tab_label used mnemonics or markup, our
    menu_label got the raw underline or markup tags shown in it as raw text.
    As we call set_text() on the menu Label, the fix is to be symmetric: use
    @tab_label’s get_text() as source, as that strips underlines and markup.
    It’s not worth making the default Label ‘inherit’ :use-underline/markup;
    that’s a slippery slope, and users wanting such things can just create a
    fully fledged GtkLabel to pass as @menu_label to suppress the default.
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