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    Include C headers in introspection file. · 91498c7d
    Tomasz Miąsko authored
    Include gtk/gtk.h and gtk/gtk-a11y.h unconditionally,
    and gtk/gtkx.h when building with X11. Ensures that
    introspection data contains complete set required
    headers, which is useful when generating C code based
    on introspection data.
    Diff for generated gir (when using X11):
       <include name="xlib" version="2.0"/>
       <package name="gtk+-3.0"/>
    +  <c:include name="gtk/gtk-a11y.h"/>
    +  <c:include name="gtk/gtk.h"/>
    +  <c:include name="gtk/gtkx.h"/>
       <namespace name="Gtk"
    Fixes issue #56.
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