Release 3.22.1

Summary of changes since 3.22.0

  • Lots of widget layout fixes for RTL languages such as Hebrew.
  • Build system fixes (missing -lm on some platforms, fixes for pipe2
    on macOS).
  • Use “getent passwd” to get the current passwd when discovering
    preferred user shell.
  • Load both user and system installed flatpak runtimes.
  • Add support for Sysprof Visualizers (requires Sysprof 3.22.1)
  • Add empty, failed, and recording states for Sysprof plugin.
  • Prefer GtkNativeFileChooser when applicable.
  • Support for running some GJS projects using autotools. In particular
    we try to discover the “GJS template” style.
  • Fix gettext usage from Python plugins.
  • The preferences perspective is now more tolerant of smaller screen
    sizes such as 1280xH.
  • Various UI polish.
  • Lots of translation updates.