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Track hw keyboards and disable/hide OSK when one gets attached

Guido Günther requested to merge hw-keyboard into main

The OSK is hidden/shown based on the presence of a hw keyboard. This behavior can be disabled for e.g. tablets that want to use an OSK and hw keyboard at the same time.

* osk-stub: Make protocol static

  No need to have it visible in other compilation units
* schema: Clarify completion-mode description

* protocols: Add device-state

  This will allow us to detect connected hw keyboards and disable the OSK.
* README: Document new features

* hw-tracker: Track connected keyboards and allow to prevent unfold

  Usually when a hardware keyboard is attached one doesn't want to show
  the OSK as this takes up screen space.
* hw-tracker: Add setting to ignore hw-keyboards

  This helps in situations where people want an OSK and a hardware
* osk-stub: Revalidate whether to show the OSK when attached hw changed

  This allows to show/hide the OSK immediately on hw changes (and not
  delay that decision until the next activation).

Closes: #37 (closed)

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