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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 1.50.1
    Version 1.50.1
    - As a debugging aid, gjs_dumpstack() now works even during garbage
    - Code coverage tools did not work so well in the last few 1.49 releases.
      The worst problems are now fixed, although even more improvements will
      be released in the next unstable version. Fixes include:
      * Specifing prefixes for code coverage files now works again
      * Code coverage now works on lines inside ES6 class definitions
      * The detection of which lines are executable has been improved a bit
  • 1.50.0
    Version 1.50.0
    - Closed bugs:
      * Relicense coverage.cpp and coverage.h to the same license as the rest of
        GJS [#787263, Philip Chimento; thanks to Dominique Leuenberger for pointing
        out the mistake]
  • 1.48.7
    Version 1.48.7
    - Backported some memory leak fixes from 1.49.92
    - Backported refactor of closure invalidation code from 1.49.92
  • 1.49.92
    Version 1.49.92
    - It's now possible to build GJS with sanitizers (ASan and UBSan) enabled; add
      "--enable-asan" and "--enable-ubsan" to your configure flags. This has
      already caught some memory leaks.
    - There's also a "make check-valgrind" target which will run GJS's test suite
      under Valgrind to catch memory leaks and threading races.
    - Many of the crashes in GNOME 3.24 were caused by GJS's closure invalidation
      code which had to change from the known-working state in 1.46 because of
      changes to SpiderMonkey's garbage collector. This code has been refactored to
      be less complicated, which will hopefully improve stability and debuggability.
    - Closed bugs:
      * Clean up the idle closure invalidation mess [#786668, Philip Chimento]
      * Add ASan and UBSan to GJS [#783220, Claudio André]
      * Run analysis tools on GJS to prepare for release [#786995, Philip Chimento]
      * Fix testLegacyGObject importing the GTK overrides [#787113, Philip Chimento]
    - Docs tweak [Philip Chimento]
  • 1.49.91
    Version 1.49.91
    - Deprecation: The private "__name__" property on Lang.Class instances is
      now discouraged. Code should not have been using this anyway, but if it did
      then it should use the "name" property on the class (this.__name__ should
      become, which is compatible with ES6 classes.
    - Closed bugs:
      * Use ES6 classes [#785652, Philip Chimento]
      * A few fixes for stack traces and error reporting [#786183, Philip Chimento]
      * /proc/self/stat is read for every frame if GC was not needed [#786017,
        Benjamin Berg]
    - Build fix [Philip Chimento]
  • 1.49.90
    Version 1.49.90
    - New API: GObject.registerClass(), intended for use with ES6 classes. When
      defining a GObject class using ES6 syntax, you must call
      GObject.registerClass() on the class object, with an optional metadata
      object as the first argument. (The metadata object works exactly like the
      meta properties from Lang.Class, except that Name and Extends are not
          var MyClass = new Lang.Class({
              Name: 'MyClass',
              Extends: GObject.Object,
              Signals: { 'event': {} },
              _init(props={}) {
                  this._private = [];
          var MyClass = GObject.registerClass({
              Signals: { 'event': {} },
          }, class MyClass extends GObject.Object {
              _init(props={}) {
                  this._private = [];
      It is forward compatible with the following syntax requiring decorators and
      class fields, which are not in the JS standard yet:
          class MyClass extends GObject.Object {
              static [GObject.signals] = { 'event': {} }
              _init(props={}) {
                  this._private = [];
      One limitation is that GObject ES6 classes can't have constructor()
      methods, they must do any setup in an _init() method. This may be able to be
      fixed in the future.
    - Closed bugs:
      * Misc 1.49 and mozjs52 enhancements [#785040, Philip Chimento]
      * Switch to native promises [#784713, Philip Chimento]
      * Can't call exports using top-level variable toString [#781623, Philip
      * Properties no longer recognized when shadowed by a method [#785091, Philip
        Chimento, Rico Tzschichholz]
      * Patch: backport of changes required for use with mozjs-55 [#785424, Luke
  • 1.48.6
    Version 1.48.6
    - Closed bugs:
      * GJS crash in needsPostBarrier, possible access from wrong thread [#783935,
        Philip Chimento] (again)
  • 1.49.4
    Version 1.49.4
    - New JavaScript features! This version of GJS is based on SpiderMonkey 52, an
      upgrade from the previous ESR (Extended Support Release) of SpiderMonkey 38.
      GJS now uses the latest ESR in its engine and the plan is to upgrade again
      when SpiderMonkey 59 is released in March 2018, pending maintainer
      availability. Here are the highlights of the new JavaScript features.
      For more information, look them up on MDN or
      * New language features
        + ES6 classes
        + Async functions and await operator
        + Reflect - built-in object with methods for interceptable operations
      * New syntax
        + Exponentiation operator: `**`
        + Variable-length Unicode code point escapes: `"\u{1f369}"`
        + Destructured default arguments: `function f([x, y]=[1, 2], {z: z}={z: 3})`
        + Destructured rest parameters: `function f(...[a, b, c])`
        + `` allows a constructor access to the original constructor that
          was invoked
        + Unicode (u) flag for regular expressions, and corresponding RegExp.unicode
        + Trailing comma in function parameter lists now allowed
      * New APIs
        + New Array, String, and TypedArray method: includes()
        + TypedArray sort(), toLocaleString(), and toString() methods, to correspond
          with regular arrays
        + New Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors() and Object.values() methods
        + New Proxy traps: getPrototypeOf() and setPrototypeOf()
        + [Symbol.toPrimitive] property specifying how to convert an object to a
          primitive value
        + [Symbol.species] property allowing to override the default constructor
          for objects
        + [Symbol.match], [Symbol.replace], [], and [Symbol.split]
          properties allowing to customize matching behaviour in RegExp subclasses
        + [Symbol.hasInstance] property allowing to customize the behaviour of
          the instanceof operator for objects
        + [Symbol.toStringTag] property allowing to customize the message printed
          by Object.toString() without overriding it
        + [Symbol.isConcatSpreadable] property allowing to control the behaviour of
          an array subclass in an argument list to Array.concat()
        + [Symbol.unscopables] property allowing to control which object properties
          are lifted into the scope of a with statement
        + New Intl.getCanonicalLocales() method
        + Date.toString() and RegExp.toString() generic methods
        + Typed arrays can now be constructed from any iterable object
        + Array.toLocaleString() gained optional locales and options arguments, to
          correspond with other toLocaleString() methods
      * New behaviour
        + The "arguments" object is now iterable
        + Date.prototype, WeakMap.prototype, and WeakSet.prototype are now ordinary
          objects, not instances
        + Full ES6-compliant implementation of let keyword
        + RegExp.sticky ('y' flag) behaviour is ES6 standard, it used to be subject
          to a long-standing bug in Firefox
        + RegExp constructor with RegExp first argument and flags no longer throws
          an exception (`new RegExp(/ab+c/, 'i')` works now)
        + Generators are no longer constructible, as per ES6 (`function* f {}`
          followed by `new f` will not work)
        + It is now required to construct ArrayBuffer, TypedArray, Map, Set, and
          WeakMap with the new operator
        + Block-level functions (e.g. `{ function foo() {} }`) are now allowed in
          strict mode; they are scoped to their block
        + The options.timeZone argument to Date.toLocaleDateString(),
          Date.toLocaleString(), Date.toLocaleTimeString(), and the constructor of
          Intl.DateTimeFormat now understands IANA time zone names (such as
      * Backwards-incompatible changes
        + Non-standard "let expressions" and "let blocks" (e.g.,
          `let (x = 5) { use(x) }`) are not supported any longer
        + Non-standard flags argument to String.match(), String.replace(), and
 (e.g. `str.replace('foo', 'bar', 'g')`) is now ignored
        + Non-standard WeakSet.clear() method has been removed
        + Variables declared with let and const are now 'global lexical bindings',
          as per the ES6 standard, meaning that they will not be exported in
          modules. We are maintaining the old behaviour for the time being as a
          compatibility workaround, but please change "let" or "const" to "var"
          inside your module file. A warning will remind you of this. For more
          information, read:

      * Experimental features (may change in future versions)
        + String.padEnd(), String.padStart() methods (proposed in ES2017)
        + Intl.DateTimeFormat.formatToParts() method (proposed in ES2017)
        + Object.entries() method (proposed in ES2017)
        + Atomics, SharedArrayBuffer, and WebAssembly are disabled by default, but
          can be enabled if you compile mozjs yourself
    - Closed bugs:
      * Prepare for SpiderMonkey 45 and 52 [#781429, Philip Chimento]
      * Add a static analysis tool as a make target [#783214, Claudio André]
      * Fix the build with debug logs enabled [#784469, Tomas Popela]
      * Switch to SpiderMonkey 52 [#784196, Philip Chimento, Chun-wei Fan]
      * Test suite fails when run with JIT enabled [#616193, Philip Chimento]
  • 1.48.5
    Version 1.48.5
    - Closed bugs:
      * GJS crash in needsPostBarrier, possible access from wrong thread [#783935,
        Philip Chimento]
    - Fix format string, caught by static analysis [Claudio André]
    - Fixes for regression in 1.48.4 [Philip Chimento]
  • 1.49.3
    Version 1.49.3
    - This will be the last release using SpiderMonkey 38.
    - Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 52 [Philip Chimento]
    - Use the Centricular fork of libffi to build on Windows [Chun-wei Fan]
    - Closed bugs:
      * [RFC] Use a C++ auto pointer instead of g_autofree [#777597, Chun-wei Fan,
        Daniel Boles, Philip Chimento]
      * Build failure in GNOME Continuous [#783031, Chun-wei Fan]
  • 1.48.4
    Version 1.48.4
    - Closed bugs:
      * gnome-shell 3.24.1 crash on wayland [#781799, Philip Chimento]; thanks to
        everyone who contributed clues
  • 1.49.2
    Version 1.49.2
    - New feature: When building an app with the Package module, using the Meson
      build system, you can now run the app with "ninja run" and all the paths will
      be set up correctly.
    - New feature: Gio.ListStore is now iterable.
    - New API: Package.requireSymbol(), a companion for the already existing
      Package.require(), that not only checks for a GIR library but also for a
      symbol defined in that library.
    - New API: Package.checkSymbol(), similar to Package.requireSymbol() but does
      not exit if the symbol was not found. Use this to support older versions of
      a GIR library with fallback functionality.
    - New API: System.dumpHeap(), for debugging only. Prints the state of the JS
      engine's heap to standard output. Takes an optional filename parameter which
      will dump to a file instead if given.
    - Closed bugs:
      * Make gjs build on Windows/Visual Studio [#775868, Chun-wei Fan]
      * Bring back fancy error reporter in gjs-console [#781882, Philip Chimento]
      * Add Meson running from source support to package.js [#781882, Patrick
      * package: Fix initSubmodule() when running from source in Meson [#782065,
        Patrick Griffis]
      * package: Set GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR when ran from source [#782069, Patrick
      * Add to check for symbol availability [#779593, Florian
      * overrides: Implement Gio.ListStore[Symbol.iterator] [#782310, Patrick
      * tweener: Explicitly check for undefined properties [#781219, Debarshi Ray,
        Philip Chimento]
      * Add a way to dump the heap [#780106, Juan Pablo Ugarte]
    - Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 52 [Philip Chimento]
    - Misc fixes [Philip Chimento]
  • 1.48.3
    Version 1.48.3
    - Closed bugs:
      * arg: don't crash when asked to convert a null strv to an array [#775679,
        Cosimo Cecchi, Sam Spilsbury]
      * gjs 1.48.0: does not compile on macOS with clang [#780350, Tom Schoonjans,
        Philip Chimento]
      * Modernize shell scripts [#781806, Claudio André]
  • 1.49.1
    Version 1.49.1
    - Closed bugs:
      * test GObject Class failure [#693676, Stef Walter]
      * Enable incremental GCs [#724797, Giovanni Campagna]
      * Don't silently accept extra arguments to C functions [#680215, Jasper
        St. Pierre, Philip Chimento]
      * Special case GValues in signals and properties [#688128, Giovanni Campagna,
        Philip Chimento]
      * [cairo] Instantiate wrappers properly [#614413, Philip Chimento,
        Johan Dahlin]
      * Warn if we're importing an unversioned namespace [#689654, Colin Walters,
        Philip Chimento]
    - Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 45 [Philip Chimento]
    - Misc fixes [Philip Chimento, Chun-wei Fan, Dan Winship]
  • 1.48.2
    Version 1.48.2
    - Closed bugs:
      * Intermittent crash in gnome-shell, probably in weak pointer updating code
        [#781194, Georges Basile Stavracas Neto]
      * Add contributor's guide [#781297, Philip Chimento]
    - Misc fixes [Debarshi Ray, Philip Chimento]
  • 1.48.1
    Version 1.48.1
    - Closed bugs:
      * gjs crashed with SIGSEGV in gjs_object_from_g_object [#779918, Philip
    - Misc bug fixes [Florian Müllner, Philip Chimento, Emmanuele Bassi]
  • 1.48.0
    - Closed bugs:
      * Memory leak in object_instance_resolve() [#780171, Philip Chimento]; thanks
        to Luke Jones and Hussam Al-Tayeb
  • 1.47.92
    Version 1.47.92
    - Closed bugs:
      * gjs 1.47.91 configure fails with Fedora's mozjs38 [#779412, Philip Chimento]
      * tests: Don't fail when Gtk+-4.0 is available [#779594, Florian Müllner]
      * gjs 1.47.91 test failures on non-amd64 [#779399, Philip Chimento]
      * gjs_eval_thread should always be set [#779693, Philip Chimento]
      * System.exit() should exit even across main loop iterations [#779692, Philip
      * Fix a typo in [#779772, Claudio André]
      * arg: Fix accidental fallthrough [#779838, Florian Müllner]
      * jsUnit: Explicitly check if tempTop.parent is defined [#779871, Iain Lane]
    - Misc bug fixes [Philip Chimento]
  • 1.47.91
    Version 1.47.91
  • 1.47.90
    Release 1.47.90