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[0.3.1] - 2018-03-28

  • Ability to mark all episodes of a Show as watched. #47
  • Now you are able to subscribe to itunes podcasts by using the itunes link of the show. #49
  • EpisdeWidget has been reimplemented as a compile time state machine. !18
  • Content Views no longer scroll horizontally when shrunk bellow their minimum size. #35
  • Double border aroun the main window was fixed. (Rowan Lewis) #52
  • Some requests now use the Tor Browser's user agent. (Rowan Lewis) #53
  • Hammond now remembers the window size and position. (Rowan Lewis) #50
  • Implemnted the initial work for integrating with GSettings and storing preferences. (Rowan Lewis) !22 !23
  • Shows without episodes now display an empty message similar to EmptyView. #44