This is a beta release for the upcoming 43.0. No further feature changes are planned. 43.0 will come out sometime during the GNOME 42 window, so if your distro version will include GNOME 42, this is safe to package.

New Since 43.alpha
  • Add two- and three-day schedule options to the preferences window
  • More aggressively replace old existing monitor processes when launching
  • When scanning duplicity output for gpg error messages, also look for the English version of error strings (in addition to the current language), as it is possible the installed languages of Deja Dup and gpg could be different
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Finnish, German, Japanese, Occitan, Persian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian translations
Required Packaging Changes Since 42.x
  • Require libadwaita1 1.0.0.alpha.4+ (instead of libhandy1)
  • Require gtk4 4.4+ (instead of gtk3)
  • Require glib 2.66+
  • Require meson 0.59+
  • Due to new support for Microsoft OneDrive:
    • Require the requests_oauthlib python module
    • If you can't hard-depend on it, define the new requests_oauthlib_pkgs config flag if building with packagekit support
    • This feature will only be visible if duplicity 0.8.21+ is available
Optional Packaging Changes Since 42.x
  • For experimental Restic support:
    • New config flag enable_restic, which you can set to true to turn on the new experimental support for Restic. This will not use Restic by default, but merely expose a new "Labs" panel in the preferences window where users can opt-in. So it is safe to enable and helps us get feedback.
    • Require the restic and rclone packages
    • New config flags restic_pkgs and rclone_pkgs, if you can't hard-depend on the restic or rclone packages and are building with packagekit support
    • New config flags restic_command and rclone_command, where you can override the path to the restic and rclone executables (defaults to searching PATH)