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Draft: Make settings in advanced export dialog permanent

This MR fixes partially #395 by making the preferences in the advanced export settings permanent. Your comments are highly welcome!

  • Permanent settings for advanced export

This is working well, I believe.

  • Use permanent settings also for the direct export

Shall the direct export to PDF, HTML or ODT use the permanent settings from the advanced export dialog? I want to hear your opinion about that. I tend to yes because I would expect the direct export to use the settings of the advanced export and to be a shortcut on the export with the previously set settings.

  • GUI buttons to reset to default

This is not necessarily needed. Also the main preferences do not implement such a reset option. In another application I did not add special buttons for that but I mark preferences which are not default with bold text.

  • Adjust default paper size to the System’s locale (e.g. Letter for US)

This is not necessarily needed, too. If the setting for page size is permanent it needs to be changed only once. A possible implementation would be either to

  • add an item to the drop down menu “Auto” or “System Locale”

  • detect the system locale and set the paper size accordingly if it has not been modified by hand before. Like now, show only the two entries with the correct one selected by default. I would tend to this as it is simpler.

  • Add permanent setting for slide size

This is necessary only in the case of !257 (merged) being accepted.

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