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mpris_controller: replace "mpris_player" with "mpris_server"

Arnaud Ferraris requested to merge a-wai/Shortwave:replace-mpris into main

The mpris-player crate has been deprecated upstream in July 2022. The best alternative currently is mpris-server, which is actively maintained, published on and has an API very similar to the one from mpris-player.

The main differences are the following:

  • the Player object, once created, must be initialized and run in an async block, requiring a new task to be spawned
  • most setters are async as well, with the same side effect (spawn new tasks)

This change is a straightforward port, partly inspired (for the async operations) by Mousai.

Fixes #704

Supersedes !466 (closed)

Edited by Arnaud Ferraris

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