First stable release 🎉


  • Implement Open in Terminal in folders (Carlos Soriano)
  • Fix Open in Terminal not using the desktop folder (Carlos Soriano)
  • Fix folders dragging onto themselves on DnD (Sergio Costas)
  • Apply design guidance in several parts (Carlos Soriano)
  • Set default zoom to small (Carlos Soriano)
  • Remove the biggest zoom (Carlos Soriano)
  • Fix DnD lack of precision (Sergio Costas)
  • Provide F2 shorcut for renaming (Carlos Soriano)
  • Fix icons not being removed in some cases (Sergio Costas)
  • Fix icons being randomly positioned on reloads (Carlos Soriano)
  • Implement desktop files handling and execution support (Iain Lane)
  • Don't allow deletion of special files (Sergio Costas)
  • Show broken symlink with an emblem (Sergio Costas)
  • Fix translation support (Florian Mullner)