Tag for 18.11rc


Release candidate, all features for a 1.0 version are implemented (except DnD between shell and windows)


  • Implement multimonitor support, including selection, DnD, proper positioning, etc. (Sergio Costas, Carlos Soriano)
  • Add HiDPI support (Sergio Costas)
  • Add renaming, similar to Nautilus (Carlos Soriano)
  • Add thumbnail support (Sergio Costas)
  • Add DnD support between files in the desktop (Carlos Soriano)
  • Fix rubberband selection stopping when over the shell or a window (Sergio Costas)
  • Add support for icons in desktop files (Sergio Costas)
  • Add and shortcut support for selection (Sergio Costas)
  • Fix launching desktop files with field codes (Sergio Costas)
  • Add symlink emblem to symlinks (Sergio Costas)
  • Add internationalization support (Sergio Costas)
  • Implement meson build support (Milan Zink)