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Change us_wide-terminal-keyboard to a split-layout

This is a conversion of the current us_wide-terminal-layout to a split-layout. It was designed with a 2:1 aspect-ratio. I added ., /, - and | to the main layout and the shift-layout; for symmetry, and making it easier to enter paths, URLs, options and pipes (like in !601 (merged) ).

I tested this on a PinePhone; it worked better for me than the current layout, except for an issue with text-scaling.

Screenshots 1 2 3 4 5

Text-scaling does not work correctly for the wider keys. The size of the labels should probably be scaled based on the short side, but it seems to be based on the long side instead.

  • fix text-scaling

Due to it being wider than before, it may be smaller on some devices. Some ideas for improving that:

  • Add a dynamic outline for keys that may expand until the outermost keys touch the border of the screen. Maybe with a setting (that can be changed by the user) which limits the maximum width.
  • there could be an option to switch between variations of a keyboard, such as a split-layout or a normal layout, and different sizes of them.

This layout can be tested by placing the us_wide.yaml-file in ~/.local/share/squeekboard/keyboards/terminal/. Squeekboard will then use it when the current layout is the us-terminal-layout and the screen is wide enough.

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