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rewrite of the parsing

Administrator requested to merge reparse into master

Post-rebase. This rewrites the keyboard definition loading in order to make it easier to change, and to open up the realm of text input and clever keysym/label/text derives/overrides.

It gets rid of a couple of small things that were blocked before, like segmented outlines, which were never really supported for anything other than rectangle (unclickable).

Based on and requires Cargo:

Currently working:

  • keyboard definition test
  • base level of the layout
  • loading layouts from env var, xdg data dir, binary, fallback (in that order)
  • styling working again
  • view transitions in yaml files

Eagerly awaited:

  • other layouts
  • tests for all layouts

Not to tackle yet

  • not emitting keycodes when an action is needed instead
  • transforming UTF characters into keysym names for the keymap
  • text input submission
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