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Use swipe gestures to open top-panel and overview

Guido Günther requested to merge guidog/phosh:global-gestures into main

This is pretty much draft and no real use to review this yet. I basically wanted to have this out so we can reference it in issues. We'll likely not close all of those initially but rather cherry-pick form here. I'll add details on (likely to change a lot) protocol, etc. on the corresponding phoc MR once ready.

This basically just introduces draggable surfaces and marks top / bottom bar as such. On the phosh side we need at least a way to unfold those surfaces with mouse only and revisit threshold in landscape mode (make use of gestures for this and fullscreen can be follow ups).

We should also be able to expand this to notification bubbles (which would help !905).

Closes: #331 (closed), #143 (closed), #376 (closed), #739 (closed), #733 (closed), #412 (closed), #760 (closed)

Current state:

Needs phoc!344 (merged) for ci to pass.

Left TODOs on the shell side (we don't necessarily need all of them for undrafting):

  • Fallback to click in docked mode
  • avoid animation on size changes
  • check threshold/size in landscape mode (#768 (closed))
  • adjust sizing with/without notifications (related: #733 (closed)) - we basically keep the surface at a fixed size as in the mockups
  • fix home sizing / exclusive zone (if we don't want to use a gesture right away (#412 (closed))
  • clean up commits

Things to fix later on:

  • rework sliders to not trigger on touch down already. While gestures get cancelled (and it works for e.g. buttons) it can't ever work for things that trigger on touch down right away.
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