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Allow to create custom quick settings

Arun Mani J requested to merge arun-mani-j/phosh:custom-quick-settings into main

This is a feature I always wanted on Android - to be able to create custom quick settings that can execute scripts I want. But now with Phosh, who cares about Android anyways. 😸

This MR provides a functionality to load custom quick settings as plugins. The overall working is based @guidog's comment.

  1. We add an extension point similar to lockscreen plugin.
  2. Create a key for quick settings in plugins schema.
  3. Load (and watch for changes) the custom quick settings in PhoshSettings.
  4. There is a sample custom quick setting named - PhoshSimpleCustomQuickSetting to test the changes.


  • Clean up plugins/ (currently we just piggybank on top of lockscreen plugins)
  • Document how to test this functionality

Closes #859 (closed)

Edited by Guido Günther

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