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Add menu to power button long press

Guido Günther requested to merge guidog/phosh:pb-long-press into main

With the groundwork in 0.24.0 (screenshot improvements), 0.25.0 (separate locking from blanking) and (upcoming) 0.26.0 (handle key release) we can finally leverage power button long press:

Here's a quick stab at what we could do (the layout leaves a lot to be desired, I want to rattle in the functionality first):

Menu on power button long press

@snwh could you have a look how we can make that look good (and maybe what is missing)?


  • cleanup the code once !1220 (merged) landed
  • wire up emergency calls once !904 (merged) landed (done in the rework of !904 (merged))
  • wire up "screenshot area", atm we always capture the full screen (current designs do full screenshot, see below)
  • finish (and use) swipe button to not accidentally trigger actions (postponed, see below)
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