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Backports from main

Guido Günther requested to merge guidog/phoc:backports into wlroot-0.16.x

Some backports for a potential 0.34.0 release:

* seat: Don't forget to map pointers

  This unbreaks running nested phoc with multiple outputs
  (cherry picked from commit 2c895a07cc52f43aff52183ecb266697fc091966)

* settings: Split output name on '%'

  Space is too common in EDID names. An alternative would be to reverse
  the matching by constructing the string from the output information but
  that's again fragile.
  (cherry picked from commit 44ff535c94928985e2051bb658a75f31f1a977e4)

* settings: Allow for wildcards in output matches

  (cherry picked from commit 780b3db18f9e0ac0db204b285b6551816da96f59)

* doc: Add manpage for phoc.ini

  (cherry picked from commit 406e73058f49c9acebaa4aa48988030672bc1264)
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