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seat: don't add POINTER capability to tablets

Arnaud Ferraris requested to merge a-wai/phoc:fix-tablet-pointer into master

Having WL_SEAT_CAPABILITY_POINTER as soon as a tablet is present, even if it isn't used, causes several issues:

  • primary problem: a pointer is displayed on screen with no way to get rid of it
  • annoying side effect: docked mode in Phosh is always enabled (this deserves a fix of its own, but in the current state it's still a major problem)

Getting rid of the POINTER capability for tablets solves both those issues, without impacting usability: Phoc is already able to detect when the stylus is "close enough" (based on TABLET_TOOL_PROXIMITY events), and displays the pointer only in that case (which is how it should be handled, IMHO).

Tested on MS Surface Pro 3 w/ Surface Pen, would welcome additional testing with a Wacom USB tablet.

Fixes #215 (closed)

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