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Backports from main

Guido Günther requested to merge guidog/libcall-ui:backports into libcall-ui-0.1.x

Some improvements that will make maintenance easier:

* build: Bump minimum meson verison to 0.56.2

  It's in Debian oldstable even
  (cherry picked from commit c14219e1e73cf00d1412532ee0b4e3e85666e6fc)

* build: Drop quotes around boolean value

  Deprecated in meson 1.1.0
  (cherry picked from commit 13b8273cc40722a87f817357a996309a28e01f03)

* build: Drop gui_app

  Not useful on Linux and deprecated in meson 0.56.0:
  (cherry picked from commit fd6acd5188a6503066d855dbab0f101f3b2a857e)

* tests: Make it simple to run with ASAN

  (cherry picked from commit f990dc567b5628be70cc7c8031497f6707a546c0)

* gitignore: Ignore generated po files

  (cherry picked from commit 1022ba8de282b28ddb0a8aa2709d3eab05bb8fdd)

* dir-locals: Avoid tabs in meson files

  (cherry picked from commit e7052f39d40247d2ce7f7031cc75d4c49fb8c7d1)

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