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data: Add new panels for a variety of devices and make dandelion more accurate

FakeShell requested to merge FakeShell/gmobile:main into main

this commit adds the panel driver for the following devices:

daria zahedan (Daria Bond)

Gigaset GS5 (identical to Volla Phone 22 codenamed mimameid)

Gigaset GX4 (identical to Volla Phone X23 codenamed vidofnir)

motorola bronco (Lenovo/Motorola ThinkPhone)

pixel oriole/raven (Pixel 6/6 Pro)

xiaomi angelica/angelican (Redmi 9C and 9C NFC version)

xiaomi curtana/gram/joyeuse/excalibur (Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S/9 Pro Max and POCO M2 Pro which are all the same device rereleased in different markets)

xiaomi lavender (Redmi Note 7)

xiaomi onclite (Redmi 7)

This commit also partially corrects the value for dandelion to be more accurate. these are all tested on Droidian and confirmed to be working

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