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Reworking Health's design

Rasmus Thomsen requested to merge design into master

See #178


  • Top-align all listboxes
  • Sub-views should have the view title in the headerbar
  • Listboxes should have clamp values closer to PreferencesPage (to avoid awkward wide rows with lots of vertical but no horizontal whitepsace)
  • New About dialog

Welcome page

  • Can't go to the second page unless you change every value, including metric/imperial
  • Should probably be a modal above the actual main window
  • Left aligned text should be centered, subtitles should be regular font size
  • Google list button should at least have a external link icon, and maybe include a subtitle explaining what will happen. Maybe make it a pill button while there's only one?


Main view:

  • Remove "disable current plugin" from menus
  • Show primary menu only on main page, not subpages
  • Drop "for you" title
  • Use new widgets (adwtoolbarview, navigationview, etc.)
  • For listbox items display data point with a more prominent style on the left, and add illustrations / visualizations on the right
  • Add arrows on the right in listbox rows
  • Unlink listbox rows
  • Change "add" button into two floating circular buttons in the bottom right


Add dialog:

  • Use separate dialogs for weight and activity
  • Experiment with dropping extra labels in date chooser row, and having day/month/year inline next to each other
  • Make the most important entry more prominent, by splitting up the list (e.g. minutes + distance for walking, minutes only for football). For example, 3 sections:
    • date
    • activity + minutes + distance
    • calories
    • maybe drop heart rate?
  • "Add" button instead of "Save"


  • Maybe drop border around charts? At least at bottom and sides, where it's not separated from anything else
  • Maybe drop passive calories?
  • Content in tooltips should be centered in the container


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