Chat Evaluation

Community initiative to evaluate chat solutions for GNOME.

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This is an informal community initiative to evaluate possible chat solutions for the GNOME project. The hope is that we will be able to make a recommendation to the GNOME Foundation Board regarding the best way forward for the project.

A key goal for this initiative is to be as neutral and objective as possible. We aim to establish all the facts, and go through a process which the community can respect and agree has been fair. We also aim to listen to community members' different viewpoints and needs along the way.

This wiki is being used for documenting our research. Issues will be used for discussion, feedback and task tracking.

How to participate

This evaluation will require a reasonable amount of work, so help would be greatly appreciated. In general, all members of the GNOME community are welcome to participate, although participants are expected to try and be as objective as possible.

Evaluation process

The process for the evaluation is intended to be systematic, thorough and objective. However, we also want to be flexible, so we can adjust the process depending on what we feel is necessary at any one time.

  1. Initial exploration
  2. Define goals and scope
  3. Share progress with the community and get feedback
    • Publish the requirements, shortlist and test plan, get feedback
  4. Research and evaluate the shortlist
    • Test each option
    • Talk to people who know each technology. Find out how to use it effectively, development plans, etc
    • Talk to advocates within the GNOME project
    • Talk to other projects who are using that option
  5. To be determined

If - and the emphasis is on if - we decide that we want to propose a particular option, there will obviously need to be additonal steps, including a trial.