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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • In Progress
    Teams / Engagement / Events / GUADEC / GUADEC 2018
  • Needs information
    Teams / Engagement
    Needs additional information to be diagnosed and/or resolved
  • Not actionable
    Teams / Engagement
    Stuff that is (or has become) unactionable: too vague, too big, or stalled for so long that nobody remembers why we wanted to do it.
  • Status: Blocked elsewhere
    Teams / Engagement
    Owner is blocked by something external.
  • Status: Deferred
    Teams / Engagement
    These are tasks that we have accepted but we cannot work on yet, for timing reasons.
  • Status: In progress
    Teams / Engagement
    Tasks that have an owner and are being worked on. Other labels can indicate status (e.g. red: blocked, etc).
  • Status: Stalled
    Teams / Engagement
    Ideas that stalled not necessarily because they are blocked on something else or the "timing isn't right", but because nobody has actively been working on it anymore
  • Status: To Do
    Teams / Engagement